The Leading kindness COVID-19 Toolkit, was developed by doctors in training for their peers during the second lockdown in Victoria during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic.

The co-designed workshop is based on the resources from the Pandemic Kindness Movement, and was awarded a 2021 RANZCOG Group Wellbeing award.

It would not have been possible to produce this workshop without the generous participation of the Monash Women’s O&G junior doctors – we are incredibly grateful for their heartfelt contributions. We are thankful to our Monash Health senior leaders who listened, acted and supported us in our endeavours to make change . We thank Crinall Consulting for their time and expert ‘Most Signifiant Change’ evaluation. And finally, to all the contributors & curators of the Pandemic Kindness Movement we are so very thankful, it was the foundation of our learnings.

“The biggest thing I took from the wellbeing program was the role modelling; senior trainee doctors taking ownership and then creating this space where all their colleagues could contribute.

DiT Participant. Monash Women’s Wellbeing Program.


We have created a how to guidebook the ‘Start Up: Leading Kindness COVID-19 Toolkit’. In the spirit of our goal to spread the word far and wide, we welcome you to use our workbook along with the templates and resources to put together your own wellbeing program.

Start Up Guide

This toolkit provides a step-by-step guide to implementing a COVID-19 pandemic-specific professional development workshop focused on improving the wellbeing and reducing the risk of burnout in healthcare workers.

Start Up: Leading Kindness COVID-19 Toolkit

Tools and Templates

A collection of resources to go along with the workbook. Feel free to download and change to suit your organisations needs.

Getting Started

There are many benefits to a wellbeing program in a workplace. A solid commitment from the organisation to provide resources and see through the delivery of the program is essential. Preparing a business case and wellbeing policy should be the first step.

Start Up: Leading Kindness COVID-19 Toolkit

Needs and Action

The development of the workshop topics and delivery style should be structured to address the needs of the specific participant population. Every effort should be made to maximise and prioritise attendance. Lesson plans can be useful to ensure focused and well-planned learning sessions.

Start Up: Leading Kindness COVID-19 Toolkit


A monitoring process is crucial for a program focused on meaningful change. It ensures accountability and informs the direction for future initiatives. Using validated surveys and standardised interview methods is recommended to ensure quality outcomes are measured.

Start Up: Leading Kindness COVID-19 Toolkit


We hope you find our resources useful & would love to hear back from you!

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